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Software Guides

Pictures2exe PTE Version 5.0 User Manual - by Lin Evans and Jeff Evans PTE5.0 User Manual PDF
  PTE Version 5.5 User Guide - by WNSoft team PTE5.5 use guide PDF
  PTE Version 6.0 User Guide - by WNSoft team PTE6.0 use guide PDF
  PTE Version 6.5 User Guide - by WNSoft team PTE6.0 use guide PDF
  PTE Version 7.0 User Guide - by WNSoft team
  PTE Version 7.5 User Guide - by WNSoft team
  Previous versions of PTE are available from this page  
Audacity Audacity - A User Guide for AV workers - by Peter Appleton Audacity User Guide PDF
  Recording Voice-overs - by Peter Appleton

How to make an AV

Ron Davies

Link to article on the IAC website, on Ron Davies' methodology of producing an AV

Howard Gregory CD tutorial 'AV Step by Step'

Entry forms for AV competitions

Midphot 2011 Rules and awards - Entry form - 2011 results

Copyright of music and images

  The IAC on copyright in video - but applies equally to AV
Sound licence IAC Music copyright clearance scheme - licences  
Images SAVG webpage (not a legal statement)  
Plagiarism Article by Christine Widdall on plagiarism of images

Tutorial worksheets from workshop evenings:

20th August 2009 meeting (Alastair Taylor)
"Seeking the perfect dissolve effect"
Lining up images, using layers, to ensure registration  
These two worksheets use Photoshop Elements Using a box within a box  

17th March 2010 meeting (Howard Bagshaw)

Downloading fonts on a PC (Word-3Mb)
word logo
  Downloading fonts on a PC (pdf-1.2Mb)
pdf logo
Samson Go Mic
Multimedia story telling Article  

Copyright free music

The sites below offer music which is copyright free, in some cases they charge, in other cases the tracks are free. Note the conditions on each site regarding the copyright waver, generally they are OK as long as you don't plan to sell the sequence containing the music.

Incompetech Many, many royalty free tracks .
PacDV Music and sound effects
SonnyBoo 20 totally free music tracks- can even be used in for-sale AVs. Need to credit author

Sample AV sequences from members. Click on the sequence title to download a zip file of the sequence, note that these are big files. Alternatively click on the YouTube screeen to show in streaming video format, but poorer quality. I would welcome any feedback about the technical aspects of watching these videos.
Note that these sequences will contain copyright music and are, therefore, for private viewing only, not for public showing.


Sudersveit landscape

Author: Howard Bagshaw
6mins 41 secs - 46Mb

Suđersveit is a region on the south coast of Iceland, totally isolated until the 1960s by the mountains, glaciers and sea. Despite that, there has been a community living there since Viking times.

Produced as a Hi-def (1400x1050) sequence.

Tough Guy

Tough Guy

Author: Howard Bagshaw
3mins 51 secs - 79Mb

Twice a year, thousands of competitors take part in the toughest one-day endurance event in the world. There are many hardships and obstacles for the competitors to overcome, but this sequence looks the challenge of fire and water.

1400px x 1050px


Download 'Special'

Authors: Jeff Mansell & Howard Bagshaw
8mins 48secs - 111Mb

Walton Hall is a special school, catering for pupils with all types of learning and physical disabilities. The performing arts are an area where they can develop their skills and gain confidence.

1400px x 1050px

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