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1. Aim

The group shall be called the “Staffordshire Audio/Visual Group” and membership will be open to any interested persons living in Staffordshire and the surrounding districts.

2. Objectives

  1. To provide a forum for the discussion of all matters relating to audio visual photography, sound recording and the production of audio visual sequences.
  2. To encourage newcomers to AV, no matter how inexperienced, to develop their interest and enjoyment of the hobby to the limits of their ability or ambitions.
  3. To provide an opportunity for members to show their work for constructive comment and also provide opportunities for competition among members.
  4. To encourage more experienced members to show their work and to share their knowledge by the provision of question and answer sessions and workshops.
  5. By the provision of a comprehensive programme, to allow members to develop their potential and give help and guidance to those wishing to progress to Distinctions and National and International competition level.
  6. To involve members as far as practicable in the running of various aspects of the club, by providing a forum for the expression of personal views and suggestions for the improvement of the group in the interest of the general membership.

3. Meetings

  1. The group will normally meet monthly throughout the year, with September being the notional ‘start’ of the year;
  2. Additional meetings may be organized for specific purposes;
  3. The group will have an annual programme of events, determined by the committee and publicised to members and others;
  4. An Annual General Meeting will be held in September to:
    • receive a report from the committee on the position of the group and its progress during the year;
    • to receive from the treasurer a statement of accounts for the year and to set the level of any subscription requested of members;
    • to elect the committee for the new year;
    • to decide such matters relating to the group as the meeting may think fit;

4. Finance

  1. The group will levy a membership fee to offset cost. The fee will be determined annually by the committee, and approved by members at the AGM, so as to ensure that the group remains solvent;
  2. The appointed treasurer will maintain an audited set of accounts, available at the Annual General Meeting or at other times on request of the committee;
  3. Purchase and/or disposal of capital equipment shall be agreed by the whole committee

5. Committee;

  1. The group will elect a committee at the AGM to run the group’s activities, normally comprising around six persons; Nominations for committee membership must be made a month prior to the AGM;
  2. Chairman; chair all monthly meetings and committee meetings; promote and publicise the group; liaise with other groups and bodies to best support the aims of the Staffs AV group;
  3. Secretary; keep minutes of committee meetings; maintain a membership list; publicise meetings; ensure the distribution to members of an annual programme of events;
  4. Treasurer; collect subscriptions and any ‘door fees’; pay expenses; maintain accounts; present accounts to the AGM; maintain an inventory of the group’s property; arrange appropriate insurance against loss or destruction of the group’s property and against third party liability claims;
  5. Additional committee members, to represent the range of general members’ interests; undertake other roles as seen fit by the committee;
  6. The committee shall meet as required to ensure the smooth running of the group.

Elected Committee for 2009-2010

Chairman: Howard Bagshaw ARPS
Vice Chair: Alastair Taylor
Secretary: Christine Lovatt
Treasurer: Terry Chinchen
  Phil Gee
  Alan Lovatt
  Miles Caven


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