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Welcome to the website of the Staffordshire Audio/Visual Group.

Next meeting - Wed 15th 2015

Work in Progress - bring you work for constructive comments

Audio/Visual sequences are a way of presenting photographs and music&sounds together, so as to enhance both. Sequences are created on the computer and the 'show' is produced as an .exe file which can run on any other PC computer. Alternatively they can be created as DVD programmes which can be shown through domestic DVD players on a TV screen.

Our group meets each month to help develop the members' expertise in producing AV sequences. We have guest speakers talking about their sequences, workshop sessions where aspects of sequence production are demonstrated and discussed, and 'work in progress' evenings where members bring along their sequences for comments from other members.

The group meets at Derrington Village Hall, near Stafford, on the evening of the third Wednesday of each month, starting at 8:00pm and running on until around 10:00pm.

There are around 25 members of the group, some beginners, some more experienced. You would be very welcome to come along to see what we do, to see some examples of AV sequences, or to see how AVs are produced.




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